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Belgium continued.......
05 14 – 25
16 – 20 18 - 19
28 – 04 Jan
24 – 26
26 –31 Aug
01 - 31
01 - 31 15 – 02 June
29 29 – 01June
04 -08 07 - Sept 20 – 22
27 – 29
Bruges : Procession of the Holy Blood: Annually since 1150, one of the greatest religious pageants in Europe, mile long procession of Bruges citizens - many in medieval dress
Ostend	: Ostend at Anchor Maritime Festival
Brussels : Ancient Art Fair: Dealers in classical, Egyptian and Near Eastern antiquities, from all over the world, display their treasures. Brussels : Roller Parade: 7pm every Friday,. 10km roller skate Circuit, ending with a fiesta in the centre of town.
Brussels and Wallonia - Fete de la Musique, Hundreds of free concerts in Brussels and Wallonia to celebrate the summer solstice.www.
Brussels : Couleur Café festival . 75,000 people attend Brussels most atmospheric, multicultural music festival
Brussels : Marathon Ghent :International Film Festival of Flanders Antwerp: World Cup - Billiards Hasselt : Jenever Festivities The Borrel Man changes water into gin. Vistiors can walk or ride on the Gin Tram.
Throughout Belgium :Christmas and Advent Markets see Brussels : European Christmas Market – Ice Rink, shopping, Winter Fun.
Dubrovnik Festiwine - the first ever regional wine festival www. Fažana: Little Academy of Pilchard Fishing, A new gastronomic experience - over a hundred ways to prepare this oily fish.
Požega: One-Minute Film Festival, ~ Films of all genres where the plot, the action and the outcome happens in just 60 seconds. Metković: Folk Lore Festival becomes the gathering point for folklore groups
Karlovac :Nobility Fair The town returns to the Middle Ages
Zagreb:Cest is D’Best, a world of circus and theatre entertainers, music, jugglers, clowns and magicians. Ogulin:Fairytale Festival a magical world of fairies, dwarves and mystical creatures from Croatia’s most famous author of fairytales, Brič Mažuraničofte. Split:Festival of street performers Artists, street performers and performers of free form artistic expression from sixteen countries www.visitsplit. com Šibenik:53rd International Children’s Festival, storytelling, crafts, music and dance, giant screens, theatre productions, puppet shows and parades all staged to promote creativity in children www.mdf- Istria :Vrsar Casanovafest, the festival of love and eroticism, celebrates the connection between the famous seducer and Vsar.
To September Brussels-Royal Palace: Open daily from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, except on Mondays Entrance free. www.
02 – 04 04 – 10 Aug
12 - 14
12 - 13
17 – 20 25 - 29
01- 03 Brussels : Ommegang Pageant Annual event in honour of Emperor Charles V at The Grand Place Bruxelles-les-Bains (Brussels Beach), along the Beko Basin: Summer in the city with sand, coconut palms, fountains, a football pitch, a pétanque green, salsa bars, dance classes, DJs and concerts and more. Free Chiny : Intercultural Fairytale Festival. Attracts a large number of storytellers and joke tellers who can be found, in the halls and streets of the town and in the forest and boats on the Semois River. Brussels : Brosella Folk & Jazz Free festival including jazz, folk and numerous activities for all Dour Festival: - bands and artists in all the musical genres Libramont : Fair Huge outdoor rural exhibition showcasing machinery, livestock breeding, forestry, agri-food industry, horticulture and more.
Dranouter : Folk Festival annual largest in Europe in Heuvelland Brugge : MAfestival one of the most important early music festivals with competitions
Dinant : 28th Bathtub Regatta: Over 250 participants race on the river Meuse, Brussels: Flower Carpet will once again light up the Grand-Place Chassepierre (Province of Namur): International Festival of Street Artists 40th edition of this lively and colourful event which takes over the town,street entertainment, theatre, music and puppetry. Brussels: Fiesta Latina this festival is a unique opportunity for everyone to start discovering the traditions, rhythms, colours and flavours of Latin- Spa Francorchamps (Province of Liege)Belgium Formula 1 Grand Prix, The exciting F1 on one of the racers’ favourite tracks in the world http://www. Namur:International Festival of Street Artists40th edition of this lively and colourful event which takes over the town of Chassepierre during two days of street entertainment, theatre, music and puppetry. Ducasse, Ath (Province of Hainaut) Dating from 15th century. A folkloric procession of giants and 20th century style floats, culminating in a hot air balloon festival on Sunday (French only) (Province of Namur) Temploux Market the largest market in Belgium, with over 2000 exhibitors of antiques and second and items. A veritable feast for bargain hunters who are free to nose around at any time of day or night! (French only)
05 – 12 06 – 08
16 – 28 21 - 05
26 – 28 27 – 25
- 10
– 17 – 18
23 22 23 23-24 (tbc)
23 – 24
01 15 15 17
– 25
July (TBC) Rijeka: Summer Nights classical drama productions, opera, premieres and concerts of classical music, street theatre and pop concerts.
– 254 – 24
28 - 29
02 - 09 10 – 28 Aug
12 – 14 14 – 14 Aug
16 – 20 26 – 27
Hvar :Lavender festival revel in lavender products and presentations about traditional distillation, local cuisine, exhibitions, workshops, concerts etc
Tisno: 8th Garden Festival, actually a dance festival with excellent local cuisine www.thegardenfestival. eu Dubrovnik: Summer Festival presents a rich programme of classical music, theatre, opera and dance on more.
Donji Miholjac: Slavonian Folklore Festival – fabulous folk lore groups of Slavonia and all Croatia Split: Summer Festival musical performances, dance, theatre, opera, concerts and exhibitions, film projections and street theatre Zagreb:International Folklore Festival, original folk customs and music and performing arts events www. Island of Rab:Rab Fair (Fjera), The islanders portray the life of their ancestors through costumed dramatic events, knight’s tournament, medieval craftsmen, artisans and merchants show their crafts.
05 - 07 13 – 27
18 - 22
Brussels:Beer Festival Gent :Flanders Festival taking place throughout the historical cities Festival of Wallonia: Prestigious international orchestras and soloists perform in castles, abbeys and churches in the French speaking part of Belgium.
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