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Places newsBerlin celebratedMore than 100,000 tourists from around the globe and proud“Berliners”walked along a 15-km route in the city centre of Berlin on Saturday 8th November where the Berlin Wall once stood. The German capital installed 8,000 LED-illuminated balloons mounted along 10 miles of what once was the border that separated East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. BalloonsBerlin celebrates ©visitBerlinperched 3.6-metres high on poles - matching the height of the Wall.Salisbury in top10 - Lonely PlanetSalisbury is one of the top cities in the world for travellers in 2015 according to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015. Salisbury features seventh on the city list,above Vienna and Toronto, whilst Washington, DC takes top spot.Quotes from the book include:“for too long travellers have considered Salisbury a short stop on the way to Stonehenge. But 2015 is set to be the year visitors linger in this quintessentially English city as Salisbury uncorks the champagne for the 800th anniversary of its greatest treasure, the Magna Carta.The lightning rod for the celebrations will be Salisbury Cathedral, the neck-straining medieval masterpiece whose Chapter House holds the Magna Carta. The cathedral itself boasts a clutch of superlatives, with the tallest spire in Britain, the world’s oldest working clock and Britain’s largest cloister.”Snapshot-EuropeanTourism 2014• Greece	• Turkey	• EgyptMore positive was news for the 2015 winter programmes was that traditional partners from the UK such as TUI and Thomas Cook, were increasing their flights to Cyprus.Tourists from the UK make up more than 35% of total arrivals to the island. It reached its peak in the early 2000’s at more than 50% of all arrivals to Cyprus but the market has slackened off, and according to some in the industry, has been ignored by Cyprus in favour of concentrating efforts on Russia.Tourists from Russia accounted for 28 % of total arrivals in the first eight months of this year. Russia, its oil industry with economic sanctions by the European Union and the United States in recent months over its role in the crisis in Ukraine, saw the rouble, devaluate by as much as 10 % against the euro, according to the European Central Bank.According to the chairman of the Associa- tion of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises (ACTE), Akis Vavlitis, said in an email interview. “Political turmoil, the recent dramatic deval- uation of Russia’s currency, the domino effect of a large number of tour operators going bankrupt, the lack of confidence in Russian tour operators, the exposure of many hotels following the consecutive bankruptcies, are of concern for us and forces us to create ad- ditional methods to confront them in order to limit the negative impact on Cyprus”.The Association of Hellenic Tourism En- terprises (SETE) estimates the number of foreign visitors to Greece could soar to 27 million by 2021, including cruise pas- sengers, according to new estimates which also expects this year’s arrivals to top 22 million.(previous estimate 21.5 million).SETE head Andreas Andreadis said “The year 2014 sees Greek tourism contributing €14 billion directly to the economy, and along with air and maritime transport and domestic tourism, this amount grows to €17.1 billion. In this context its contribution to gross domestic product has grown by at least 35% in the last four years,” He forecast that direct revenues from tourism will come to about €19 billion by 2021.“By 2021, private capital of more than €20 billion could be invested in tourism,” said Andreadis. But for that to happen the gov- ernment must keep a promise to channel €500 million into the sector in the next six years for the modernization and the crea- tion of new tourism infrastructures (ports, airports, marinas etc), and to support new investment programs.He added “The extreme polarization of the last few weeks combined with the extensive instability in the broader region and the deterioration of economic prospects in Europe have affected the flow and the interest in new tourism investments in our country,”Turkey witnessed a 7 % rise in the number of tourists visiting the country in the first eight months of 2014, Ömer Çelik - Turkish Tourism Minister has reported. Nearly 25.7 million tourists came to Turkey between January and August, compared to 23.7 mil- lion over the same period last year.Germans topped the list of foreign visi- tors to Turkey, followed by Russians and Britons. according to figures provided by the minister.The World Tourism Organization has forecast world tourism growth at 4 -5 % this year,• SpainData released by FRONTUR, the Inbound Tourism Survey, shows a record 45.5 million tourists have visited Spain so far this year, an increase of 3 million on the same period of last year.In the period between January and August, the UK, Germany and France have been the most important markets. In relative terms, all auton- omous regions posted year-on-year growth, with the highest increases being recordedon the Canary Islands, up by 11.9%, and the Region of Madrid, an increase of 8.8%.August broke all records with, for the first time ever in a single month, 9,070,024 in- bound tourists visited the country in a single month, representing a year-on-year increase of 8.8% and a new all-time record in the FRONTUR figures.The number of tourists visiting Egypt dur- ing the first half of 2014 fell to 4.4 million, representing a 25.4% decrease compared to the same period in 2013, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statis- tics (CAPMAS) reported earlier this month.Egypt spends between $60m and $65m per year on promotion and advertising. Tourism in Egypt accounts for 11.3% of GDP and employs approximately 3.8 million indi- viduals, 1.8 of which are employed directly by the tourism sector and 1.7 million indi- rectly, according to the Ministry of Tourism.The Ministry of Tourism stated that tourism income in Egypt decreased to $5.9bn last year, representing a 41% drop.• CyprusEconomic output shrank 5.4 % last year and is expected to further shrink 4.2% this year, according to the finance ministry. In January to August more 1.7 million tour- ists visited Cyprus, which was 5.9 % more compared to 2013, according to the latest statistical service data. In 2013, arrivals fell 5.3% to 1.6 million compared to 2012.Cyprus’ hopes that the economy could receive an extra boost from tourism next year are vanishing as promising news from the UK, the country’s largest market, have been tempered by developments affecting Russia, the second largest.On the Road issue 217Page 4Salisbury Cathedral

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